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Do you Binge Eat? (Like me)
  • Keep cravings and unhealthy foods out of your house- out of sight, out of mind.
  • Avoid grazing or “hanging out” in the kitchen.
  • Do not buy in bulk or bring home leftovers from a restaurant. Chances are you will binge on them all once you are home.
  • Make pre-packed healthy snacks so you can grab one on the go to satisfy your hunger and reduce cravings.
  • Do not diet or deprive yourself of foods you love. MODERATION is key!
  • Do not bring money with you to school, work, etc. so you won’t be tempted to buy snacks from the vending machine. Instead pack your own healthy ones!
  • Find ways to better cope with your stress and emotions -> Do NOT turn to food for the answer! It only makes things worse!
  • Eat when hungry and eat slower.
  • Drink lots of water before eating.
  • Use smaller plates.
  • Focus while eating: Do not mindlessly eat while watching tv or while distracted by any other activity.
  • Keep a food diary!
I have very bad posture!

I have very bad posture!


There are two rules on the spiritual path:
1. Begin 2. Continue


There are two rules on the spiritual path:

1. Begin
2. Continue


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Just about to make my awesome chia, almond milk, maple smoothie! Getting healthy one delicious smoothie at a time. :)

Also, my Momma gave me ‘The Beauty Detox Solution” to read… I actually haven’t picked it up yet, but am pretty excited to start cleansing my body and start eating healthy again. (Common Will Power!)

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Yum! I want this!

Yum! I want this!

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Hi tumblovers!

First night of my 6 months of yoga tonight! I’ll be attending Hatha Flow. According to the description on the website I will be enjoying a “dynamic, rhythmic and flowing practise to stimulate and invigorate”. 

Oh! I’m doing 6 months of yoga because I found a coupon on Groupon and got 6 months of unlimited yoga for 140$!! Whaaaaaat?! I know right?!!?